GLODEV INC® (Global Development) facilitates the

transformation of whole communities in the poorest

regions of the world through relief and development



GLODEV INC® seeks out communities in the poorest

regions of the world to partner and develop

sustainable projects that empower the poor to provide

a better life for their families. Our model is based on a

new paradigm in development work. We believe the

global poor are very capable of helping themselves. They just need some principles to get them going. When development practitioners work along side field practitioners committed to lifting whole communities physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, there is lasting change and the indigenous people own the change. Decades of development work is proving this to be the only model that yields lasting results.


We believe in the proverb; "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for life".

Glodev® uses science, biology and technology that can be reproduced in developing nations resulting in sustainability among the poor. We have developed two kinds of systems using aquaponics and permaculture; one we call "Sustainable Microfarm®" and is used at orphanages providing nutrition and free enterprise, the other called the "Living Lab®" and is to be used in elementary schools teaching students sustainability and food production in their environment. Sustainable Microfarm® and Living Lab® are creative property of Glodev Inc®. All other use is prohibited.


Teach a man to fish...


Clean Water - GLODEV INC® works with poor communities to help provide clean

water. The projects include: hand dug wells, drilled wells, water catchment, bio-

sand filters and Aquavast community filters. Funding for these are made possible

by donations and grants.

Aquaponics - GLODEV INC® works with poor communities to help provide

sustainable nutrition and livelihood by building sustainable micro-farms® that yield

fresh, organic fish and produce. Once the units are fully functional and the local

team has been trained, GLODEV INC® releases the project to the local team.

Funding for these are made possible by donations and grants.


Disaster Relief - GLODEV INC® seeks to provide clean drinking water to victims of

a natural disaster. In partnership with Aquavast (www.aquavast.com), GLODEV INC®

will purchase and maintain two mobile water filtration units that can provide

10 gal/min of pure drinking water on location in the event of a disaster in the U.S.

Also, there will be 4 units purchased to respond to disasters in other countries where

we are working. Funding for these are made possible by donations and grants.

Education - GLODEV INC® seeks to assist poor families in educating their children by providing school supplies to schools and small scholarships to children to go to school, where they would otherwise not be able to go due to little or no family income. Scholarships will be provided through an equitable application and interview process for students who show capacity for learning and who have a vision to help their own. GLODEV INC® also works with local educators in providing "skill/life" training opportunities such as working with aquaponics and clean water projects. Funding for these are made possible by donations and grants.

Development - GLODEV INC® seeks to empower poor communities by providing sustainable projects that create income for the families. GLODEV INC® works with local businesses in finding ways to expand markets and train workers in ethical and moral business practices. In many cases marginal changes produce extraordinary results. When people are encouraged to think "outside the box," they realize greater potential for success, even in the depth of poverty. Funding for these projects is made possible by donations and grants.

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