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Eden Gardens Jax    North Florida Aquaponics


Learn about Aquaponics in North Florida!


North Florida Aquaponics is now located at Eden Gardens in

Phase One. NFLA offers hands-on training in Aquaponics.

Aquaponics 101 will guide the seeker on a journey into

self-sustainability and growing organic food. We offer

several options: one day tour, two day and five day.


$10 - Tour our aquaponics greenhouses



$800 - The 5 Day Course includes membership in

NFLA Global Initiative


Course Description

Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create more self-sufficient, closed-loop, systems that use only a fraction of the water, labor, energy, etc. that other methods use. Combining Permaculture Design with Aquaponics creates an even more sustainable, dynamic, productive & regenerative system. In this aquaponics training you will learn some of the most cutting-edge pioneering aquaponics systems from various successful experts in the field, and gain a solid foundation from which to create your own Aquaponics System appropriate to your climate, ecology, dreams, & desires.

Course Details

The 1 day tour is an overview of Aquaponics for those who may have only heard of the concept.

The 5 day Aquaponics Training includes:

  • Detailed exploration and overview of the science of Aquaponics - how it works.

  • System designs from all over the world; design, functions, adaptability, uses, variations and improvements.

  • A detailed Aquaponics Course Manual covering all aspects of Aquaponics including:

    • Day-to-day operation of the system

    • Design checklist

    • Field tested formulas, calculations, estimates and guidelines.

    • Complete designs, plans and materials lists.

  • And much more!

If that is not enough...
We will also cover Hydroponics, slow drip, raised bed, wicking buckets and "Junk-Food Machines" (re-purposing junk to grow food)

* This Aquaponics Systems training will include all of the above as well as a design element focus designing a system specific to your individual climate, ecology, dreams, and desires - whether it is for a small personal system or a more large scale commercial system. Our intention is to empower you with cutting-edge information to get started in this promising new technology of the ancient past.