Success in Mae Sai, Thailand!

What a whirlwind it has been! We just completed the installation of another Sustainable Microfarm near the border of Myanmar! For the past five days, a team of 5 labored tirelessly to set up the new system. It is located at Hope For Life Foundation training center just a few kilometers from the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

The weather cooperated but was very hot every day, 105-107 degrees. We had great fellowship and great local food. I have wonderful friends for life now! We purchased all parts locally and I was able to train a team of Thai and Burmese to reproduce the model using IBC totes and water barrels. The system is running on one 200 watt solar panel and 2 160 amp/hr batteries.

We are very excited to report that we will return next year to help build our larger concrete model and several more of the IBC systems. We also plan to set up a 4 acre Community Food Park with over 100 edible varieties of herbs, berries, veggies, citrus, nuts, etc. We believe in helping the poor learn to help themselves.