Sustainability at Kids of Hope

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

In partnership with Go To Nations, we are building a new aquaponic system for the street boys at Kids of Hope. These boys are taken to the Muslim Imam at the young age of 8 to learn reading and writing only to be forced into life as a street beggar. They are not permitted to return to their home/village and their family often doesn't see them for many years.

The boys have little freedom and rarely get enough to eat. The team from Go To Nations has been working with the boys to actually teach them to read and write and get them jobs since 2003. They now have a piece of property with water and housing for the boys. They play games, learn skills and feed them a hot meal several times a week.

We just recently helped them build a Sustainable Microfarm using concrete and plastic drums. After a little instruction, the boys did most of the work creating hope, dignity and encouragement to be responsible for their new food production system. Soon they will be eating fresh tilapia, herbs and vegetables for free!

You can partner with us in helping end poverty one life, one village, one community at a time!