We just had our first tour of the season at Conner's A-Maizing Acres! Thanks to the Conner Family for allowing us to explore the realm of sustainable living! The Conner's own and operate a 200 acre farm near Hilliard, FL. After they lost their chicken farming contract with Tyson back in 2003, along with about 80 other farms, they improvised and began holding a Fall Corn Maze. Over the past 4 years, I had been attending as a spectator until last year when I developed a relationship with the Conner Family.

Last November we began our partnership and built our first sustainable microfarm on the Conner Farm. We now have about 1400 tilapia, grow beds, wicking beds, tire beds, chickens and bees in our little quarter acre area. Thanks to the Conner's generosity, we are training others in aquaponics, hydroponics and microfarming! If you haven't been to the Conner Farm, now is a great time to go!