We are now 6 months into our partnership with Conner's Amaizing Acres and Glodev Inc with our US based Sustainable Microfarm. We hope to teach people to grow food and help the poor here in the US and in the poorest countries around the world. We have several different models of our Sustainable Microfarm that could end world hunger and provide a lasting solution to world poverty.

We plan to partner with US farmers who are unable to continue growing food and help them begin producing organic food for their communities. Here in the US we are rapidly approaching a huge food crisis that will affect poor families the most. We have a solution that can empower communities to help their own. We want to partner with farmers who have given so much for so long to help their community. Together we can grow nutritious food at a fraction of the cost of traditional farming.

Will you please consider helping us help others? Your donation will give us the momentum to change many lives here in the US and around the world. Thank you!