We recently had contact from a dear friend who works with several children's homes in Myanmar. They are in need of a Sustainable Microfarm to feed all the children. Actually, the children will learn to feed themselves and others when we are done! We plan to build one of our microfarms on the property and teach the children how to manage their own food machine.

Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in Asia; ranking 149th among 186 nations rated in the 2013 Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Programme. Paradoxically for such a resource-rich country, there is a strong association between agriculture and poverty in Myanmar. While it produces a surplus of food in aggregate terms, many rural areas suffer from chronic and acute food insecurity. In addition, the incidence of poverty in rural areas is significantly higher than in urban areas, and rural areas lag behind in terms of health, social and educational indicators, as well.

Will you join us in helping children at risk in this Asian country?