We finished the first phase of the new Aquaponics Micro-Farm in Choloma, Honduras. The boys at House of Mercy Orphanage were so excited to see the system with fish and herbs. They were especially excited when we asked them to go find food to feed the fish...

Soon they returned with thousands of termites and began to feed them to the fish! The fish looked like piranha as they devoured the termites! Some were even jumping up out of the water as they took their first live meal. They will have a steady diet of termite, BSF (Black Soldier Fly larvae), duckweed and moringa. No fish pellets here! Fish pellets are very expensive and has GMO additives usually. We want our systems to be 100% organic and totally self-sustaining.

The new system has 6000 gallons of fish tank space and 360 sf of hydro growing space and 320 sf of terra growing space. In September we will begin growing a variety of "heavy" vegetables once the system is producing enough nutrients from the fish waste. We will also grow a complete salsa garden from seeds germinated in egg flats. We currently have 220 red nile breed tilapia which should increase through free breeding to 1000 in six months. The boys in the orphanage will maintain the system with the help of Hermano Perfecto, one of the elder men working at the orphanage.