We just arrived back in Honduras to do more filming for the Building a Difference TV series to be aired in 2015. Our first day we visited our system at House of Mercy orphanage up the mountain in Choloma. Things are improving since they had introduced some infected fish last December and had to start all over in February. Everything is a learning experience as expected. We had a major breakthrough in the process though!

A lady and her husband who have degrees in Agriculture visited the school which the orphans attend because the wife wanted to teach at the school. When the director learned they were trained in agriculture, he referred them to our regional director, Wyly Gammon who immediately hired her to work with the orphans and the microfarm. This was a huge deal for the couple as they had been coffee farmers for many years and dreamed of one day having their own aquaponic system one day so they can teach others sustainable farming.

They are now the new caretaker/trainers at House of Mercy orphanage and soon will have the same job at our new system at the school. The school is actually paying her to learn on our system so she can help teach once the new system at the school is operational! What a great plan, right! We will be sharing much more as the plan unfolds so stay tuned...