Our new Aquaponic Micro Farm in Honduras is producing fresh, organic food for the orphans at House of Mercy. The orphans harvested the first fish last week for a healthy meal. They pulled 20 fish at one pound, the size they like, and promptly cleaned and ate them. It is a new day for these boys as they are now masters of their own micro-farm. We use the term "micro-farm" because that is exactly what it is. Our Aquaponic Micro Farm simulates nature by growing fish and cycling the waste water containing fish poop into our two grow beds filled with river rock. The fish water is liquid fertilizer that flows constantly through the grow beds feeding the plants embedded in the river rock. The plants absorb the nutrients and clean the water which is cycled back into the center "float area" where duckweed grows. The water is then pumped back into the fish tanks to start the process all over again. About 7,000 gallons of water gets recycled through the system daily providing a healthy environment for both fish and plants.

We feed the fish fresh termites found in the surrounding mountains along with duckweed and moringa leaves which we grow on site. This organic diet produces a very clean fish and the grow-out time is drastically reduced. Our goal is to teach the orphans to work for food and develop an understanding of creation while getting an education far superior to the environmental norm. They will gain appreciation for hard work and reward which hopefully makes them better citizens and one day strong leaders in the community instead of gang members.

We are focusing on orphanages because we belief they are the biggest risk in society... poor, helpless and forgotten. Will you consider helping us help others help themselves today? Join us in the fight against poverty! Together we can make a difference!