The poor have a story... their story is one of systemic poverty and no hope for the children. We are working with Building a Difference and Go To Nations to change this. We are putting together a full-length documentary for TV that tells the story of change and victory among the poor in San Pedro Sula, Honduras... the most violent city in the world.

This documentary will become the focus of a 13 episode series broadcast on over 20 networks world-wide! The production company, Deeplight Productions has offered us an incredible opportunity. They will produce, market and promote this documentary for the reasonable cost of $295,000. Network TV time alone costs millions!

We are using the Crowdfunding Platform called Indiegogo to help raise the funds to produce this awe-inspiring documentary. We need your help to make this happen! We need you to like, tweet, email your friends and family to visit the site and get the word out. If our project gets enough visits, it will become viral and be featured on numerous other sites reaching a far greater audience thus raising more funding.

This campaign only lasts for 30 days so we need to get busy sharing the site. Will you help us? If you feel inspired by the video on the campaign, we ask you to consider a generous contribution to help us tell the stories of the poor in Honduras.

Thank you for your help! Visit our Campaign Here: