Phase One of our new Sustainable Microfarm is complete with our first of three greenhouse systems. We will be growing fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship producing fish, herbs and veggies in a closed, organic system. We want to show people how to grow their own organic food in a sustainable environment. We also will be highlighting our international projects that are helping the global poor help themselves.

Eddie and Betty Jean Conner have been farmers for many years in Nassau County and they host Conner's A-Maizing Acres corn maze every fall. One year ago, we approached them about building a Sustainable Microfarm on their farm that would demonstrate and teach people how to grow their own food and help others both in the USA and developing nations around the world. They were very excited to partner and the rest is now history! Thanks to the Conner Family, many others will learn to grow food and take part in ending global hunger! 

Our new Sustainable Microfarm is now ready for the fish to start generating nitrates...(pooping)! 


One kilogram of fish will yield 2.94 kilograms of lettuce.

Once we see our fish begin to reproduce (1-3 months), we will begin introducing plants into our system. We will start with herbs and lettuce and then move up to the root and fruits such as tomatoes and cucumbers, ect. We expect to have our first fish harvest around April 2014 at 1.5 - 2 pounds. This is very early based on traditional aquaponics which takes 8-12 months to harvest. Our fish grow faster because of their diet. If you are interested in learning about sustainable microfarming and permaculture, sign up for our introductory classes which will begin April 14-18, 2014.

For more information on classes, contact us by email at