We officially broke ground on our new Sustainable Micro-Farm project yesterday! It has been years since I was on a tractor so I had a blast digging in the dirt! Thanks to the Eddie and Betty Jean Conner, we will have a fully functioning Sustainable Micro-Farm that people can come and be trained how to live sustainably. When we are finished, there will be several different size systems ranging from single family to coop to community. In one year we will be producing over 100,000 fish and 20 tons of vegetables!

You can follow us here and on Facebook to see the entire process in pictures and video as we help people help themselves!

The first  system will be constructed the week of November 16 - 23. It will have solid media grow beds, NFT (Nutrient Filter Technique) and conventional raised beds using RR ties. Our fish tank will be a swimming pool 18' x 52" holding 6500 gal and able to produce 70-80 fish per day. The system will be contained in a 28' x 48' greenhouse that can be cool in summer and warm in winter. This entire system will cost $5600 including the greenhouse!