Pre-production filming is scheduled to begin in January 2014 for Season 4 of Building a Difference. Building a Difference is a fast paced documentary TV series featuring people, organizations, and charities that are truly building a difference in the lives of those in desperate need. Our cameras put you there as lives are dramatically changed through selfless efforts of others giving from their resources, time and hearts. We are partnering to see lasting change come to the extreme poor in Honduras.

Building A Difference will be following our work among the poorest as we build a micro-farm, educate squatter children who would otherwise have no opportunity to receive an education and change the lives of orphans. We need your help! Producing a full length documentary is expensive. We believe the stories of the lives of these people need to be told. There are many ways NGO's help the poor and they all do some good. We believe to truly make a difference and lasting change, we must help the poor learn to help themselves. By doing this we empower them to change the "mind-set" of poverty.

Will you consider helping us with the production of this video documentary? Any amount will help us make changes that will last a lifetime. All those who will see the stories and witness the lives of the poor will also experience change in their own lives. Maybe we can stir people to be the change in their own communities where they live. Thank you in advance for all you can do to make true change in the world!