We are so excited to announce our next Honduras project and the partnership with Building A Difference. We will be building a new Aquaponic Micro-Farm at New Destiny School near Choloma, Honduras. The school offers an education to 300 children who can not afford to go to school. In partnership with GoToNations and Morningstar Fishermen, we will build an aquaponic system that will feed the children for FREE! Building A Difference will be on site videoing the entire process of building the new system and returning during the year to document the progress, growing fish, recycling water, growing vegetables and herbs all in a controlled, organic environment.

Please join with us in this new endeavor as we "build a difference" in the lives of these children who have a destiny! They were once forgotten and were without hope and a future... but not anymore!

How can you help? Click on the Donate Now at the top to help us raise the $50,000 to build this new system. Once it is built and running, it is self-sustaining. No additional cost for fish food, fertilizer, seeds, energy, etc. The system is solar powered and recycles all the water. It even reproduces fish and vegetables without restocking.

Also, please follow us on the Building A Difference site to see video clips as the new series develops. Thank you for helping us end world hunger one community at a time!