We are excited about our new Aquaponics 101 course!

Glodev Inc is partnering with Conner's A-Maizing Acres to offer training in Aquaponics and Sustainability. The course will be 5 days of true hands-on training in how to become self-sustaining in an uncertain, ever-changing environment. Participants will be guided in all the basics of permaculture (waste not, want not), Hydroponics and Aquaponcs. The classes will be held at Conner's A-Maizing Acres located in Hilliard, FL. All participants will need to drive to the location daily as there are no lodging facilities on site. If interested, register today and receive our early bird special of 30% discount. Lunch will be provided by the Conner Family Grill on site and is included in the cost. We look forward to seeing you there! Class size is limited to 20 people to allow the hands-on experience so sign up today!.


2014 Class Schedule

April 14 -18

May 19 - 23

June 16 - 20

July 21 - 25