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Year End Appeal

As you know, we started GloDev Inc to help the poor help themselves around the world. In 2021, Eden Gardens Farm hosted over 1,000 people. In the past 10.5 months, we’ve doubled that amount. Our farm is becoming known for its family friendly setting, innovation, and responsibly grown, chemical free herbs, microgreens, lettuces and vegetables.

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Educating for the Future

We provided 4 Aquaponics Certification Courses for 20 people; Educated 196 elementary and high school students on School Field Trips; Hosted 5 Short-term Missions Groups for 87 people; provided Farm Tours for 313 people; and put 315 Volunteers to work, 42 of those being Students from the University of North Florida and 28 from JEA, our local power company.


Empowering the Youth

With a Foundation Grant, our team installed a 20’ x 36’ Greenhouse and Aquaponics System for St. John’s Technical High School, along with 30 students being trained over our 5 visits to St. Augustine. Because of this, GloDev Inc received the Business Partner of the Year Award for St. John’s County Public Schools.

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Future Goals

By 2030, Eden Gardens will be home to a commercial farm that sustains the community farm, with orchards, outdoor gardens, hugel swales, aquaponics, hydroponics, chickens, goats, Go To Nations’ offices and conference center (our partnering foreign missions organization), a lodge, cabins, two campgrounds with RV

hookups, and a 12-acre recreational fishing lake. We are consumed with the vision of seeing people strengthened, trained and eating healthy so they can in turn help others do the same.

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