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Glodev Inc® is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

All gifts are tax deductible.

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Year End Appeal

With the help of faithful volunteers and partners like you, we are continuing to make STEADY, DEBT-FREE STEPS TOWARD OUR GOAL OF FEEDING 1,000 PEOPLE A DAY and HELPING THE POOR HELP THEMSELVES.



  1. Our GloDev team will mount the trusses, scheduled to arrive December 2nd. Though we had hoped to build the Pavilion pro bono for $30,000, we feel that the roofing requires professional installation, increasing our cost. We need $7,500 to roof the Pavilion professionally. Seven $1,000 gifts and one $500, or fifteen $500 gifts will meet this goal.


  1. JEA volunteers will run the cable and set it up, providing Power to the Pavilion pro bono. We need $1,500 for the Electrical Panel.


  1. We need 24 Picnic Tables for the Pavilion at $250 each, totaling $6,000. If you wish to purchase one or more picnic tables, please indicate your preference on your giving.


  1. The Hydroponics Greenhouse is scheduled to go in next spring, funded by an investor. The Cold Storage and Processing Facility will have to be up and running by then. We need $8,000 more to install the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, cleaning station and refrigeration area. Any gift of $500 or more can go toward this goal.


  1. Our Property Taxes and Liability Insurance are due annually each winter, totaling $5,500.00. Though this is intangible, it is a critical component of keeping our farm!

Will you consider a special gift to help us with our Christmas GROW Fund?


You can double or triple your monthly support this month and the extra gift will go towards one of the five needs, or give a gift of your choice. Your gift today can help us meet our goals!